PillowsModuleSince Parker Upholstery Shop began, Earl Parker has covered or created about 20,000 cushions.  He knows a thing or two about them. 

We can create new window cushions, banquette cushions, dining room chair cushions, and patio cushions for your outdoor living.  We also do living room sofa cushions, and pillows for living rooms and bedrooms.  Where the fabric of your cushion or pillow is still OK, but the interior has broken down, we can replace the insert and bring the item back to new.

For those who are wondering what the difference is, a cushion is something on which you sit, a pillow is decorative.



About Us

Earl Parker started his apprenticeship in upholstery in 1980 and started his shop in 1986. Parker Upholstery started out in New York and moved to Clayton, North Carolina in 1991 where it has been based ever since. His shop accepts work from across the state and from further afield, such as New York, Florida and Texas for refurbishing.

Parker Upholstery especially loves to work on family heirlooms and bringing older pieces back to life. Earl Parker says  that every piece we deliver is a piece we would take home ourselves, otherwise it would not be delivered back to the customer.  His experience working on older pieces of furniture  - which were constructed differently to modern pieces - allows Earl to be able to perform restorations to the way they would have looked when they were first made, using the same types of methods of construction as were used originally. 

Parker Upholstery is also able to take on corporate, school and institutional clients. Clients include DuPont's conference room; CEO office chairs; as well as doctors' examining room tables.

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